The Beaches of the Costa Smeralda

The Costa Smeralda takes its name from the color of the sea, about 20 km of coast of alternating wide beaches of white sand to small coves framed by an intense and unspoilt Mediterranean sea. Among the many beaches that you can see in this lovely part of Sardinia we recommend some of the most well known.

Del Principe

The name comes from the belief that Prince Aga Khan considered it to be one of his favorite coves, and you can easily believe this as it is one of the most beautiful of the Costa Smeralda. It’s a not very large arc of beach surrounded mostly by rocks and dense maquis. The unique colour of the fine sand tends to be pink, due to the presence of granite. The seabed gradually thins and allows for pleasant walks along the shore. The area is equipped with parking facilities

Piccolo Pevero

A few short minutes from Porto Cervo is the Lido of Pevero, a part of the Coast divided into Piccolo and Grande Pevero. The Piccolo Pevero in particular is a real gem where the sea is unbelievably clear, and there are several metres of ultra-shallow waters so as to create a natural swimming pool. The public beach is alternated with small bathing establishments in perfect harmony with the surrounding area. From Piccolo Pevero you can admire the Li Nibani Islands.

Cala di volpe

At about 6 km from Porto Cervo you’ll find this charming white beach, with its crimson hues and rather thick grains of sand. It is a part of coast characterized by a succession of 4 coves perfectly framed by thick Mediterranean maquis, where the sea is blue and crystal clear. It’s possible to rent jet skis and boats to take a fun tour of the Coast.

Cala Capriccioli

The beach, which gets its name from Caprette (in Gallurese, precisely Capriccioli), is a beautiful area of alternating white granite rocks. The beach is free and untouched, although it is possible to rent chairs and umbrellas. The shallow waters makes it easy for children to play and swim.


This incredible white beach with pink streaks is right in front of La Maddalena Archipelago. The water is shallow and the sea is clear, ideal for a refreshing swim or to peek a snorkeling fin from the depths of the water.