Porto Cervo by night

Porto Cervo is the heart of the Costa Smeralda and the mainstay of the city’s night life that characterizes this famous North Sardinia area.

From the appetizers to dinners at the VIP club, Porto Cervo certainly isn’t lacking in choices for you to spend your free time in the best way.

Walking the marina at sunset is a unique and unforgettable experience, you can take in the sea views or browse through the many boats that stop at the pier. In the boutiques of the square, the shopping is unique and you can purchase first-class products, brands, individual local crafts and more.

Porto Cervo is home to many bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

Also in the area there are many exclusive locations to have fun with friends and dance until the early morning light. Among many we have to mention the Phi Beach , a lovely local nestled between the rocks and overlooking the sea where you can not miss a romantic aperitif at sunset; the Billionaire whose fame has no boundaries. Here you can meet with key members of the international Jet Set, and dance the night away; Ritual, a major nightclub carved into the rock, the Windward, the Leeward and so on … See for yourself the other exclusive locations where fun is always guaranteed thanks to the presence of the most prestigious DJ of the moment or high level musical guests.

The Costa Smeralda will amaze you not only for the beauty of the days spent in nature, but also for its vivid and unique nightlife. Have fun…